What Is Forever Letter?

Forever Letter is a service that gives LIFE and POWER to your words and allows your words to be delivered to the most important people in your life at the most important time. What’s special and unique about Forever Letter is that your words can still be delivered even when you’re no longer with us.

Forever Letter allows you to write or record your message, to leave to your family, friends, or loved ones. Once finished, we will deliver your Forever Letter message to the recipient on the date and year that you’ve chosen. Your Forever Letter message will sit on a secure cloud platform until it’s time to be delivered. Forever Letter messages can also be scheduled out to two years.

If your business or organization works with individuals who could best utilize Forever Letter, we would love to hear from you, so we could get this service in the hands of the ones who need it most. Forever Letter also offers a referral plan where Forever Letter will donate part of the proceeds back to your business, charity, or foundation of choice.

How It Works

Forever Letter provides a simple and user-friendly platform for creating, leaving, and delivering the perfect message to your loved ones. With Forever Letter, you have the option to either write or record your message to your family, friends or loved ones. Once finished we will deliver your Forever Letter message to your recipient on the date and year that you have chosen.

To get started, you will need to create an account. Once you have created your account, you can select the package you want, and choose the stationery design if you opt to write a letter. After selecting your stationery, fill in the recipient’s information and the date you want the message to be delivered.

Once you have written or recorded your message, simply hit the submit button, and your message will be delivered to your recipient on the day and year you have chosen.


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Forever Letter was created because we are constantly being reminded that TIME waits for no one, and that time is our most important commodity. With the limited time that we are given, using Forever Letter is a thoughtful way to express ourselves to our friends and loved ones.

Imagine being able to say and express your feelings even if you’re no longer around. The recipient of your words will be moved beyond emotions. Take this time and express it with a message or a Letter that can be delivered any day of your choosing up to 2 years. Forever Letter is making it easier for you to say I love you one last time!

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